About Me

This is a tough one. I always fail at talking about my self in general terms. There are layers to ME, much like the layers of a puff pastry. I shall start with the layer on top. I am a pastry chef who has been trained in classical french pastry and world breads. I have been trained under Master Pastry Chef Joseph Decker (my guru if you will), and Master Chef Jeffrey Gabriel (a genius who marries sweet and savoury quite well). 

Food for me started off as a form of visual arts. I loved photographing it, reading about it, and watching endless videos of it being prepared. I first started cooking under the tutelage of my father, Mr. Khan, who in his own sense is one of the best cooks I know. He is meticulous with his prep work and thorough with his cooking. The first dish I prepared on my own was a Gosht Khorma, a Hyderabadi style curry made with a spices and yoghurt base. I followed a recipe off the internet and it was a disaster. Pappa taught me how to cook it the right way. After that, there was no looking back.

Although I started with hot food, I realized very quickly that my expertise lies with pastries. I started my first successful blog, Quirk Kitchen, when I was a federal government employee. It helped me escape the everyday. 

When I moved to Michigan, USA, post my marriage to a wonderful and supportive man, he encouraged me to pursue food full time. During my training as a chef, I was also working as a chocolatier. That is when phase two of my food journey started- Maison De L'Amour.

Maison De L'Amour means House of Love. The future plans for MDLA includes (god willingly) a brick and mortar storefront. For now, this blog is step one. It encompasses all my secondary and primary passions. I included DIY and Travel. Travel and food are incomplete without each other. In our global world, ingredients and techniques have traveled across borders to create a unified culture. A culture of food, travel, appreciation of one another, and a lust for flavours and smells.

It is also reflective of who ME is. I am as global as it gets. I was born in Hyderabad, India. Brought up in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Moved to Toronto, Canada as a teenager. Moved to Michigan, USA post wedding. My most recent move has brought me to Indiana, USA. 

I speak Urdu, Hindi (Not the same as Urdu *eye rolls*), English, Broken Arabic, and my command of Pashto will surprise and amuse you.

I love meat and cannot fathom being a vegetarian.

I will always pick sweet snacks on road trips. My husband will only pick salty snacks. We have learned not to let one go without the other for a snacks shopping trip.

I am a hardcore traveler- I will get up at the crack of dawn and get ready to explore EVERYTHING- completely opposite of how my husband would like to travel (passively). 

I love big breakfasts and I can't lie.

This should sum up my layers. I cannot wait to hear back from you guys. Thank you for your never ending support and love.


 Here is a photo of me looking all mysterious. Photo by Qurrat A'yun Studios 

Here is a photo of me looking all mysterious. Photo by Qurrat A'yun Studios