Pining for Piña

Lately, I’ve been dreaming of glorious mocktails under the pleasantly hot midwestern sun. Yes, yes I do fancy my new hobby of being a “mixologist”. I got my hands on a bottle of Vimto cordial recently (if you know you know) and just went to town with it. Since, I’ve requested everyone to refer to me as a mixologist. Ahem.


But Piña Colada, will forever be a never ending obsession of mine. So much so that when I got my car detailed, I requested a Piña colada air freshener. Yup.


A few days ago, bestie and I were in Myrtle Beach and as it goes with every coastal town, their drinks menu is usually fun and extensive. Extensive as it may be, none of the places we dined at (some pretty fancy), served a Virgin Piña Colada. The horror!!!


Therefore, I was left with a longing in my heart that I could not satiate. Yesterday, I could not bear it any more.


“I. MUST. HAVE. PIÑA COLADA” I said to myself in all caps.


And so I set out. As a trained pastry chef, you almost always have an intuitive insight on how “food” is made. You may have never read through the recipe of a particular item, but you just *know* that it’s probably made using one of two techniques.


Two words: simple syrup. I figured if simple syrup can last for a while because of it’s formula, then I can perhaps turn pineapple juice into simple syrup.


I started out by cooking down freshly ground pineapple juice with its fibre- so no sieving yet. I figured if I could cook down the water and concentrate the natural sugars, I won’t have to add as much refined sugar. Well, that didn’t work. But I would recommend doing this step because it got rid of some acidity from the pineapple.


Now strain the juice and get rid of the fibers. This will give you a smooth restaurant-like Piña Colada.


Next, I’d like you all to ponder on your coconut to pineapple ratio. This ratio is more sacred than your following to followers ratio on social media.


I like mine a little more pineapple-y than coconut-y. The list of ingredients and amounts listed were tested by two people. My husband and I. It may be that you might like the ratio tipped over differently. Add a little of each and go from there.


Ingredients for Pineapple syrup
1 pineapple cubed and juiced (I used magic bullet). Please avoid the core.

1 cup of sugar

Directions for the syrup

Cook on medium low flame the pineapple juice and the sugar till it comes to a boil. Strain the juice to separate it from fibers. Allow this syrup to cool before using it to make Piña colada.



1/2 cup coconut cream (Brand: Savoy)

1 1/2 cup Pineapple Syrup

2 cups ice

Canned cherries or maraschino cherries for garnish

Pineapple wedges for garnish



In your magic bullet or juicer, mix the coconut cream, with the pineapple syrup, and ice. Blend. In a tall glass, add cherries, pour in the blended Piña colada, stick on the pineapple wedge, stick in a fancy straw, and consume it like the boujee babe that you are.


This recipe will make four (8 oz) cups of Piña Colada. If you are using a tall glass (16 oz), it will give you two cups.




Until next time,


Your favourite “mixologist”