Travel Essentials

It’s travel and holiday season! For those of us who are not traveling, this list will give you enough goals to lust over travel accessories and plan your next vacay. 


For those of us who are traveling, where are you all headed? 

As I am relentlessly running around to pack everything, I thought of sharing some of the travel essentials I cannot do without and some essentials, you all have shared. 

1: Luggage

Luggage can be tricky. Are you traveling light? Are you going on a backpacking trip?  Are you going to visit family overseas? Will you be shopping a lot? Ideal luggage is subjective. If you travel a lot for work and live out of a suitcase, you’ll need maximum space and a durable piece of luggage. 

My favourite is the Samsonite line. They are trendy, lightweight, and extremely reliable in terms of durability. If you are looking to splurge more, Tumi is a luxury line of luggage that is sleek and trendy.


2: Cosmetics and Toiletries

I keep going back and forth on how I prefer traveling with my makeup. Should I check all of it in? Keep some out and deal with them in a ziplock through the security? It depends. When I have a long layover, I need all the help I can get to look human when I arrive at my destination.

Here’s what I keep in my cosmetics bag (I love how spacious my Tommy Hilfiger one is)- Dior Star Foundation, Marc Jacobs Mascara, Dior Matte Lipstick, NYX matte, Lip Balm, NARS blush, Anastasia DipBrow Pomade, and my absolute essential: my YSL waterproof liner. I have recommended it an infinite times and am still baffled as to why anyone would choose a different kohl liner over it. 

These products give me a full face of makeup when I need it.  

Sephora's Micellar Water is great to get rid of all the makeup for when you want to give your skin a rest. 

Hafsa Pathan, owner of Honey Lemon Events, recommends the Mario Badescu spray for keeping her skin hydrated.

I personally am a huge fan of this Dior mask for in-flight skin care. My go to moisturizer is Dior Hydra Life.

Other essentials I carry- Cottonelle Flushables, Lysol spray, tooth brush, toothpaste, and Lysol wipes. 

3: Technology

Camera: I do not think it’s possible for me to travel without my Canon DSLR. I recommend a DSLR camera for all those of you who want to venture into the world of travel photography. If you cannot be bothered, and just need something to capture memories with something other than your mobile, get a Canon Powershot point and shoot. 

SD Card:  I am not sure as to why it isn’t advertised more, however, if your camera is WiFi compatible, I recommend an Eye-fi card. It uses WiFi connection from your camera to transfer photos via an app onto your phone. Pretty amazing, I know. For me, the eye-fi eliminates the need to carry a laptop around to transfer photos. 

Portable Charger: Endless juice- that’s what I am talking about. Anything less than 20,000 mph is not worth the money you are spending. Spend a little more and invest in- this Anker one. 

Long Cellphone charger cables: if you end up staying at a hotel or don’t have an electric switch close enough, this one will eliminate that problem.

Converter plugs are important, needless to say.

A great pair of headphones is imperative. Apple headphones are the standard go to, but, if you are looking to splurge, then I recommend the Bower & Wilkins one.

4: Footwear

Again, pretty subjective as to where you are traveling, but, my suggestion for a good pair of walking shoes is Sperry’s, followed by a comfortable pair of leather loafers. 

My Sister-In-Law gifted me my first pair of Sperry’s and I absolutely fell in love with how comfortable and trendy they are. I am glad the craze over Toms is over- they never really appealed to me.  

Make sure to try the leather loafers ahead of time, if they need to be loosened, make sure to get them stretched ahead of time. 

5: Apps

Azhar Khan, friend from high school and a fellow traveler, recommended It’s an offline navigation system. I am excited to try it out on my future trips.

Pandora is my go to for songs. I have a playlist downloaded and ready to go. It’s great to get you in the right mood. 

Saavn is great for Bollywood music- if you are so inclined. I am subscribed to this one as well and love being able to access all the latest songs.

Audible is an amazing audiobook resource. Especially when you are traveling and want to get your reading in. My husband and I are both great fans. I am about to finish A Cuban Affair on it and my husband has undertaken the Game of Thrones series.  

I hope it doesn’t come as a revelation that Whatsapp is the best messaging app for international messaging. You do, however, need WiFi to be able to use it.  

6: Miscellaneous

Traveling pillows are one of the best inventions to date. There are so many out there- designed to suit your sleeping position as you sit through your journey. There are the standard neck pillows, and then a chin pillow for those of us who prefer sleeping with their chin drawn in. 

Make sure they are made out of memory foam!  

Socks: many of you have recommended a pair of socks. My only two bit is to make sure they are 100% cotton. 

Luggage Tags and Passport Holders: If you aren’t on this bandwagon, why not? I love everything leather so I absolutely love a luxurious leather passport holder and a luggage tag.  

Watch: I love a good watch. A luxurious leather strap and a trendy dial. I am lately digging the North Accent brown soft genuine calfskin leather strap watch with an Arabic numeral dial.  They come in varying dial and strap sizes. There is a 42mm dial and a 36 mm. The strap sizes are accordingly. I love that they are unisex. They are made with Sapphire Crystal (anti scratch, hardest material available for watch crystal), functions using Swiss Movement, Camel engraving on the crown face as well as engraving on the watch buckle. It comes in a great leather watch box. Makes for a perfect gift! 


This list is not conclusive. There are many items that can be added or removed according to your needs. I have just included what I think is essential according to me. 

Cannot wait to hear back from you all about your travel destinations and some more of your essentials!